Col -     Make a Web-Page (html)

Page Title -    (optional)

Paste the text to appear in the body of the page here -    (reqd)

content.htm     Source : content.txt

webpage.htm     Source : webpage.txt

This form allows you to convert any text you copy from any source - to its HTML equivalent and each linefeed to <br>. The html is written to a web page suitable for reading in any browser - a single-table page suitable for using in phones, pop-ups or I-frames. It contains most of the common tags and styles and is yours to edit.
Enter 'page' for 'Page Title' if you want to write a 3 column page with links - an example of a basic page of a multi-page site.
Press 'Write HTML' - the page will refresh when the script is finished and the text box cleared. Follow the 'content.htm' or 'webpage.htm' link to view - refresh the page if necessary.
Follow the 'source : content.txt' or source : webpage.txt' to view and copy the source text. It is better to copy source text from the online view (more readable) as downloading the web page may compress the text.